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Coffee Storage Tips

How to store good coffee is perhaps as important as how to brew it. The first rule of storing coffee is to keep it as whole bean until you are ready to brew a pot. Never grind it all at once. Our coffees are sold in resealable bags that, once opened, can be stored for a month. You might also choose to invest in air-tight glass or ceramic containers.

Coffee can be stored at room temperature but is best kept in a cool, dark place. Too much heat or sun streaming in the windows will ruin good coffee. The popular (and false) notion is that it's best to store coffee in the refrigerator. This, however, is not true since the moisture in the fridge will deteriorate the bean, and flavors from other foods can seap into the coffee.

Beyond selecting a top-quality coffeemaker or coffee press, there are several tips that are useful in maximizing the results you'll get.

First, start out with the best water you can. Most tap water is loaded with chemicals that not only affect taste but can ruin your coffeemaker. We use spring water here in Hawaii, but if you can’t find a fresh source of water, use bottled water for the best-tasting coffee.

Grind the coffee according to the coffeemaker you are using. Burr-type grinders can usually be adjusted for grind. Blade-type grinders grind the beans course or fine as a function of time. If you use a blade grinder, hold the cap down and shake the grinder once or twice while it’s running to get a more even grind.

Here is a general rule of thumb for the best results:

  • Never grind the coffee until you are ready to brew.
  • For percolators and vacuum or French press coffeemakers, use a course grind setting or 5-10 seconds with a blade grinder.
  • For drip coffeemakers, use a medium grind or 10-12 seconds with a blade grinder.
  • For espresso machines, use a very fine grind or 25-30 seconds with a blade grinder.

Buy NowIt is important to use the right amount of grounds when brewing your coffee. Remember, the markings on your coffee maker are marked for six-ounce cups. Most baristas use two tablespoons of coffee beans for each six ounces of coffee. You might enjoy your coffee less strong, thus using a little less, but let your taste buds decide what's best for you. Just remember, a good cup of java needs little or no cream and sugar to mask the natural flavor you paid so much for in the first place. The rest is just following the manufacture's instructions.

All brewed coffee should be kept hot in a thermos bottle or pump-style coffee dispenser. Never leave good coffee on the hot plate for more than fifteen minutes.


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