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Our Arabica coffee beans naturally produce a perfectly balanced, sweet, fruity, nutty cup of coffee with chocolaty floral notes. Our roasting process tailors these beans to your specific tastes and preference. Even though a dark roast can mask many of the bean’s flavors, our careful roasting ensures our amazing flavor always shines through.
Premium Coffee Blend
Premium Gourmet Coffee
Estate Reserve Coffee
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This 50% blend of Ka'u coffee is an inexpensive way to experience the incredible flavor of our coffee. This is a great value since Kona blends rarely have more than 10% Hawaiian coffee. 
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Our signature coffee is made from 100% Ka'u Coffee hand picked at its peak of ripeness. Careful attention to every stage of production ensures you'll consistently enjoy the amazing taste we're known for. (Buy Now) Occasionally our roastmaster discovers and offers batches of his estate grown coffee he deems exceptional.  Estate Reserve represents the "Best-Of-The-Best" Hawaiian Coffee.
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Available Ground Roasts:
  • Medium Roast (City +)
  • 1/2 Light 1/2 Dark
  • Dark (Vienna)
Available Whole Bean Roasts:
  • Medium Roast (City +)
  • Medium Dark Roast (Full City)
  • 1/2 Light 1/2 Dark
  • Dark (Vienna)
  • Green Bean (Unroasted, for those home roasters out there)
Premium Coffee Blend Sizes:
  • 7 oz. $10
  • 16 oz. $20
Premium Gourmet Coffee Sizes:
  • 3 oz.  $9
  • 8 oz. $18
  • 12 oz.  $27
  • 16 oz. $36
  • 20 oz. $68
  • 5 lb. $149
Estate Reserve Sizes:
  • 8 oz. $21
  • 16 oz. $42

- We bag and sell our whole bean coffee within hours of roasting. We feel the peak of flavor and freshness is within a week to 10 days after roasting. Purchased coffee should be stored in our resealable bag or in a sealed container at room temperature out of sunlight. Fridge storage should be avoided since moisture and food flavors will seep into and ruin coffee.

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