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In 1998 Tom and Joanne Kosinski planted their first coffee trees in Ocean View. Four years later they began selling the coffee under the Ka'u Mountain Coffee label. This fine coffee was an instant hit with the local market. Tom eventually planted another acre of coffee and enjoyed a great season this year with his best crop ever.

In 2007 Tom and Joanne expanded into all aspects of the Ka'u Coffee business with the purchase of a high-capacity pulping machine, milling machine and Tom's cherished Diedrich IR12 computer-controlled coffee roaster, which has the flexibility to roast large or small quantities with perfect control every roast.

They named their new business Hawaiian Moonbeans Coffee Company. They purchased a professional-quality label printer and began producing custom labels for special occasions, fundraisers and holidays. The company can now offer full-service coffee processing, roasting and packaging for local farmers who want a first-class coffee that is competitive on the world coffee market. They can also help with all your labeling needs from design to printing.

Hawaiian Moonbeans Coffee Company and Kahuku Country Market take pride in being among the earliest and most successful promoters of coffee grown in Ocean View, Pahala, Wood Valley and all of Ka'u.

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