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Hawaiian Moonbeans Ka'u Coffee vs. Starbucks Ka'u Coffee We were flattered that when Starbucks started selling Ka'u Coffee in October of 2012 they used a lot of wording in their advertising that sounded strickingly similar to our own.   While we're glad they've discovered Ka'u coffee, we thought comparing our coffee to theirs would help show why our coffee is such an amazing value.

Our Ka'u Coffee vs. Starbucks Ka'u Coffee

  Hawaiian Moonbeans Coffee Starbucks
Price per lb. $27.95 club member (Join Now)
$34.95 non-member (Starting at $8.95)
$48-52 (Sells for $24-$27 per half pound bag)
Roasting Freshly roasted on our coffee plantation where we've spent years perfecting roasts that enhance the complex Ka'u flavors. Done in Starbuck facilities in large batches alongside their standard coffees.
Freshness Our coffee is shipped hours after roasting. Sits in storage facilities and on shelves for weeks if not months.
Coffee Beans Our coffee beans are hand picked and selected only at their peek of ripeness, ensuring you'll always get the best flavor possible. Flavor is arguably lost and diluted with a less stringent selection of beans, which have been mixed from several farmers with varying degrees of bean flavor and quality control.

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