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Our Process

Quality Control at Every Stage of Production

There is no equal to the Ka'u Coffee cherry; however, our quality control at every stage of the production process brings our coffee to a whole new level.

Unlike Other Hawaiian Coffees

Most coffee, especially in Kona, is handled by several companies. Farmers sell cherries to processors who pulp, dry, hull and roast the coffee. Many island processors mix beans from multiple farms for processing in large quantities. Their result is no match for our coffee, which we oversee from seed to cup.

Careful Selection of Beans

Our coffee is handpicked throughout the year only at its peak of ripeness.

A Better Way of Drying Coffee Beans

Our coffee is sun dried in covered racks that are 3 feet off the ground. Most growers dry their beans on the ground alongside tracked-in dirt, insects, and wildlife. Our racks also allow us to keep each farmer's batches of beans separate as we sort and dry them. While drying, their moisture content is carefully monitored by a state-of-the-art device and, when perfectly dried, are bagged for storage. The beans are then placed into our carefully monitored storage room until they're ready for roasting.

Roasted Only Days Before Selling

We roast our coffee year round to ensure our customers get it within hours of roasting while it's at its peak of freshness. The roasting process is meticulously monitored and adjusted for each individual batch. We roast in batches no larger than 25 pounds so that no coffee sits on the shelf longer than a week.

Only this level of care and control will guarantee you will get the finest coffee at any price. Learn about our coffees or order some to experience it for yourself.

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